boggard_warrior__forrest_imel.pngThe boggards of the Fenian Triarchy have a reputation for surliness. Disliking both the walled cities of Greenwall and MacCool as well as the Chiuta-worshipping fishermen of the Reedlands, the tribes of boggards that dwell in the marshes maintain a near perfect dislike of every other community and race. Still, the loosely confederated towns and cities manage to keep the peace with the toadfolk, one way or another.

Boggards often trade herbs, papyrus, and found trinkets to towns in exchange for metal tools and jewelry, which the boggards do not make themselves. Sometimes the boggards are hired as mercenaries for exploration of sunken or flooded ruins, but their prices are usually so exorbitant that the practice is avoided unless necessary.

In the past, the Elemental Lords of the Sea of Reeds gave the boggards many gifts in return for their service. When the NewGod Wars ousted these elementals from the area, the local boggard clans lost much prestige and power. Some level of racial memory has allowed resentment for this fact to live on in the hearts of modern boggards.

Boggards especially resent the worship of Chiuta, the personification of the triumph of the new divine. When possible, boggard raiding parties will disturb the sunken graves of Chiutan adherents, which are found along the fringes of the floating villages. They would love dearly for a chance to destroy the small temples to Chiuta found in the center of these villages, but these are usually too well guarded to be reached easily.

Lacking an elemental presence, boggards try and cajole aid from pitiably small rituals to devils and demon lords. Boggard chiefs ritualistically dedicate public executions of weaker clan members to the demon lords in hopes of currying their favor. As of yet, the boggards do not have significant infernal power, but the powers of hell may utilize the boggards in their schemes at some point in the future.


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