Touched by the magic of the fey, either through the enchantment of the fairy’s food or by fey blood in the veins, the feykissed walk between the lands of their human and fey kith.

The feykissed tend to be very popular in communities of humans or half-elves; their brightly colored hair and eyes are seen as attractive. Eligible feykissed are competed over fiercely by suitors – more than a few local songs speak of the clever, fast-talking young men that are lucky enough to win a feykissed bride.

By the same token, feykissed are somewhat less popular in Siobhan. The fey find them interesting distractions, but ultimately pity them for being duller versions of their fey kin. For this reason, feykissed are somewhat more prevalent in the communities of Greenwall and MacCool where they are sought after and envied.

Still, some feykissed are held as slaves or lovers by the fey. These “kept” (as they are called) are seen as particularly valuable prizes. The fey bind their kept to them with oaths and enchantments. Those who prove themselves loyal are often allowed a degree of autonomy, and sometimes even tend to their master’s interests in distant lands.

Many feykissed feel a particular devotion towards Aleria. Her embodied elegance, her virtue, and her affinity for well-tended plants all resonate with the lovely feykissed. They tend to practice her religion quietly and somewhat jealously.


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