The aboriginal Porphyra humans of the Fenian Triarchy tend to be brown skinned and dark haired. Some dye their hair red with henna, but the cost of importing it makes this cosmetic a luxury. Many men, particularly warriors, employ elaborate woad tattoos to shock and frighten their foes.

Native humans have their largest population in the Reedlands, where they tend to the fishing craft practiced by their fathers and father’s father. These folk tend to eschew the industrial and urbanizing drive held by the landed humans, and prefer the open fields of reeds and brackish currents. For several generations, the Reedlands have been marginalized by the larger national and international politics of landed humans, but a renaissance of sorts has been going on in the Reedlands. A sunken temple from the pre-Calling era has brought many would-be adventurers and treasure hunters to the Reedlands, along with the wealth and protection that adventuring types entail. This has led to an upsurge in the native garments and language of the native humans; it is a common sight to see a sarong wearing, Old Porphyran speaking boatman strolling the streets these days.

The wealthiest and most respected Reedlanders make homes out of ancient, mostly sunken and dilapidated temples and flat-topped pyramids. These do not offer a high degree of protection, but do have a sense of fading grandeur which seems to appeal to their sensibilities. More common Reedlanders make temporary homes on floating platforms of strung-together logs.

In the City of Boats, the Lady’s Pyramid offers not only the only solid moorings to be had, but mysteries. The pyramid has never been completely explored, and only the antechambers have been excavated. Ancient pictograms promise both physical and spiritual punishment for those who venture deeper into the structure, but no one has yet made the pictograms hold true to their promise. The elders of the City of Boats are reticent to allow adventurers to pry deeper, but the recent successful finds in other sunken temples have prompted them to consider allowing an expedition within.

Native humans are devout followers of Chiuta, the first human to become a goddess in Porphyra’s history. They think of her as one of their own number, which gives them an understandable level of loyalty towards She Who Takes and Gives. Every morning at dawn, the Reedlands are full of chants and intonations to Chiuta as whole villages of fishermen descend into the waters of the river to ritualistically bathe and begin their day. Landed humans outnumber native in Greenwall, the capital of the Triarchy. These humans mix well with the motley races that dwell in that moss-covered fortress, often interbreeding with them. Whisky is the big commodity for humans of the Greenwall. Each major family has a distillery and a rivalry with the other breweries. Children are raised harvesting barley and sweeping the distillery floors of malt. The rivalries are friendly enough, but most nights in Greenwall are punctuated with noisy brawls between two clansmen insisting that their whisky is superior to the others.

Myketa is the official patron deity of Greenwall, as the Patient Lady blessed the soldiers of the fortress while they battled the elemental forces of the Sea of Reeds. However, the city has not known war for a long time, and the humans of the capital are not particularly devout. In fact, worship of Chiuta is growing within the city and threatens to replace Myketa’s worship.

The highest concentration of landed humans is in the port city of MacCool. These humans eschew the “primitive” traditions of the native humans, preferring styles of clothing that include breeches and dyed linen shirts. The humans of MacCool tend to be lighter of skin, since their labors typically do not take them out of doors. MacCool is an important city for the Fenian Triarchy, as imports and exports flow through the gates of that city. The humans of that city ensure that trade is not interrupted. Their mercantile acumen is unrivaled and is rumored to be able to whittle down even the most pugnacious hagglers. Considering the flow of trade, the folk of MacCool also tend to be the most well informed regarding the news of the world. Dropping a piece of weighty information to their less-informed neighbors is among the chief delights of the humans of MacCool. Because of their distaste for the native humans, the folk of MacCool are not inclined to the worship of Chiuta. Temples to Myketa are common, and many maintain small shrines to Aleria in their personal gardens. However, as they are a port town, the city offers several pantheistic or agnostic places of worship, so that devotees of other gods may perform their rites while visiting.


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