griipli_cleric_color.jpgThe boggards are certainly no friends to the fey or lizardfolk clans that dwell amongst the swampy cities. Their general grumpiness is legendary. How odd, then, that their near cousins, the grippli, seem so amiable. Perhaps, in elder days, the boggards drove the grippli from their muddy nests due to their smaller size. Perhaps the boggards’ inherent brutality made the gripplis decide that they wanted to choose another path.

The grippli get along well with the humans, half-elves and fey that dwell in the Reedlands. They are generally open and accepting to new forms of civilization. Despite their optimism, they have difficulty actually adapting to modern forms of living. Grippli are primitive in culture, and seem pleasantly baffled by advanced technological or governmental concepts. What they do adapt, they do poorly – in a mockery or imitation of a race they respect, but little understand.

That is not to say that the grippli are stupid. They are not. In fact, they possess a gentle, simple wisdom coupled with keen insight into the people around them. They can intuit who is and who isn’t worthy of their trust – a gift they do not give quickly. Once a clan or culture has earned their trust, however, the grippli seem to delight in the new friendship and will not withdraw their faith without good reason.

Whereas the boggards of the Fenian Triarchy have retreated to the uttermost reaches of the moors, the grippli have eased up to the edge of the civilization. They stand, unwilling (or perhaps unwitting) to take the plunge to step within the circle of firelight. They are ready to step forward or backwards into a wholly new and unique position.


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